Major Security Updates Just Released From Microsoft and Adobe

Major Security Updates Just Released From Microsoft and Adobe

Yesterday was Patch Tuesday, the day that Microsoft releases their myriad of updates for Windows operating system.

This week Microsoft release major security updates including to patch two zero-day flaws that have already been exploited. One of the flaws attacks Internet Explorer the other is a flaw in Windows 10 shell that allows an attacker to run any code.These patches also address Meltdown/Specter vulnerabilities known as Foreshadow that impact Intel based hardware.

Along with Microsoft's updates, Adobe released an update to Flash for macOS, Chrome, Windows and Linux that patches some major vulnerabilities. Flash player, which has already announced its end of life will come around in 2020, has seen a ton of vulnerabilities over the years. We highly recommend to un-install it from your machine if you can. Most modern websites have moved away from flash including popular websites like YouTube.

We always recommend to test all updates and patches before releasing them on a any production devices. It is best to setup a test environment as many patches can cause major issues. If you do not have the ability to test patches another option is to backup your system before installing updates. This way in the event of an issue you can restore your computer back to a known good state.

At Creative IT we test all system updates in a test environment before pushing them to our clients, this way we can verify the performance and manage the entire update process for every single one of your computers.

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