The 5 Essential Aspects of Strong Mac IT Support

The 5 Essential Aspects of Strong Mac IT Support

In many industries, especially creative fields, teams rely heavily on Mac computers to get their jobs done. At the same time, their coworkers are using PCs to handle business processes like payroll and phone systems.

These two technology brands can work together seamlessly - but only with the help of IT professionals who know what they’re doing.

That’s why it’s so important to find a Mac technical support team that has all of the necessary requirements. Not only should they be able to support your specific devices, but they also need to have big-picture skills that contribute to a productive work environment for your team.

Let us show you what we mean. After many years of providing IT support in Kernersville, we’ve learned a thing or two about what it means to offer high-quality managed IT services.

Here are five essential qualities to look for in any Mac IT support team.

1. They Can Incorporate Mac and PC Devices

The first and arguably most important part of any Mac IT support team is its ability to weave together Mac and PC workstations.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, sharing data and collaborating with team members and clients is challenging. It’s become increasingly important, but also increasingly complex as devices, Cloud systems, and software evolve.

Your IT company needs to be adept at bringing both PC and Apple devices into the fold. More than that, they need to have the skills to help these devices talk to each other without hiccups or productivity halts.

Microsoft holds approximately 91 percent of the market share, but if you’re a part of the 5 percent that consistently uses Apple devices, you need the tools to effectively collaborate with those other PC users.

The goal of any worthwhile IT support team should be to give you as many chances for valuable productivity as possible - every day. A big part of this is crafting a cohesive infrastructure, and that’s only possible if the support team can integrate Mac and PC devices seamlessly.

At Creative IT, we strive to make these integrations totally painless. We educate staff members about the process of bringing different systems together, and because we have both PC and Mac specialists on our managed IT services team, we know just how to do it.

2. They’re Well-Versed in Apple Products and Maintenance

Our second suggestion is to always, always ensure that your Mac specialists have real experience working with Apple products. And by “real experience,” we mean legitimate training and knowledge.

Although the word “specialist” may be thrown around, it actually takes quite a bit to become a real Mac specialist. Even Apple itself has strict requirements for its employees, requiring that all of them have:

-      The ability to think quickly.

-      Problem-solving skills.

-      Leadership abilities.

-      Strong organizational capabilities.

Don’t just take someone’s word when they claim to specialize in Mac systems and setups. Ask about their resume. Learn about their history and credentials.

Creative IT’s managed IT services team includes real Certified Apple Experts. When we offer IT support in Kernersville, we’re not just claiming know-how and past experience. Some of our Mac experts even worked at Apple, so when we say we have skills, we mean it.

3. They Prioritize Mac Cybersecurity

Some businesses have fallen prey to the misconception that Macs are impervious to cyberattacks.

They are absolutely not. Just like PC devices, Macs can be targeted by cybercriminals who want to sell or use your information for nefarious purposes.

How did this “myth” of Mac imperviousness start?

Well, more people use PCs for both personal and business purposes - which means that cybercriminals are often more eager to learn and target commonly used systems. However, that does not mean that Mac devices are safe.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common across the board. In 2019 alone, the attacks on Macs doubled - and we will continue to see this number increase as hackers become smarter and their tactics evolve.

In 2020, the average cost of a data breach was a whopping $3.86 million. If you ask us, that’s a financial risk that no business is ready to take, regardless of your preference for Macs or PCs in the office.

To properly protect your assets on Apple products, you need an IT support team that will perform ongoing health checks, regular assessments, and 24/7 monitoring. They’ll also need to provide security audits and real-time remediation services in the event of an attack.

While providing  IT support in Kernersville, our team at Creative IT has been safeguarding devices (both PC and Mac) for years. We’ve watched the influx of digital crime, and we’ve continuously evolved our procedures and products to offer the ultimate protection. You need a Mac support team that will do the same.

4. They Provide Constant Access to IT Help

Although not quite as important as cybersecurity, access is another big point to remember on your hunt for the right IT support team. You don’t just want an experienced team - you want a team that will show up the moment problems arise, and that requires remote access capabilities.

Ask all of the IT teams you interview about their remote access offerings. How will they address your Mac problems? Will they be able to immediately assess and handle the issue, or will they have to call in a separate IT specialist who can do that?

Our recommendation is to look for a team that uses remote software to monitor your Macs and servers all the time. That way, at the first sign of low storage or a stall in productivity, your IT experts will be ready to swoop in and provide assistance.

Remote services should also include continual backups on and off the Cloud. That way, in the event of a natural or manmade disaster, your most precious data will be safely stored and recoverable.

At Creative IT, we’re able to offer a 5-minute response time because our security operations center runs all day, every day. It doesn’t matter where you are - we work to monitor your technology and provide solutions 24/7. We take a proactive approach to  IT support in Kernersville, which means that we’re working to find issues before you even need to ask us for help.

5. They Understand Apple Deployment Methods

Lastly, you need to find a team that understands Apple deployment.

There are different ways to roll out new Macs, applications, and software updates. Your IT company should be well-versed in these tactics, as well as the open-source and commercial tools out there that help with deployment.

Will the team focus on deploying Mac images? Installing updates? Troubleshooting stubborn OS or software issues? These are all things you need to talk to the IT provider about.

There are three main kinds of deployment workflows that your Apple team should be familiar with.

1) Mac Imaging - This is the deployment method for more traditional users. It’s kind of old-fashioned, and although many organizations are moving toward more advanced methods, there are still some who appreciate the hands-on approach to rolling out changes. If this is you, let your Mac IT team know.

2) Zero-Touch - The second method is by far the simplest, most efficient way to roll out changes to all of an organization’s devices. Zero-touch allows your IT provider to atomically enroll and configure new devices without much hands-on support. This is the kind of service many modern businesses are turning toward.

3) User-Initiated - Finally, there are bring-your-own-device roll-out systems that are tailored specifically to meet your organization’s needs. This style of deployment is entirely up to the user - but will likely still require some help from the IT team.

Finding the Right IT Support in Kernersville

So there you have it - the five most important qualities to look for in a Mac IT support provider.

Apple is experiencing astonishing Mac market growth. As more of your clients and colleagues begin to use their Apple devices on a daily basis, it will become increasingly important for your company to have the skills, tools, and team to craft a cohesive IT infrastructure.

When you begin your hunt for Apple technical support services, look for one that prioritizes real Apple expertise, as well as cybersecurity. Apple devices are not impenetrable, and cybercriminals are going to target them more in the coming years.

If you have any questions about advancing your Mac security or bringing together a workplace divided by the age-old Mac-vs-PC war, let us know.

Creative IT has been providing  IT support in Kernersville for years as a team of Apple and PC specialists. We provide expert IT support when you need it, as well as cybersecurity training, compliance assistance, business continuity plans, and more.

Don’t wait until productivity is stalled or a hacker attacks. Be proactive about your IT setup by calling 336.310.0277. One of our Creative IT experts will schedule a free consultation ASAP.