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Easy HIPAA Compliance

If your company deals with Private Health Information or works with an organization that does you must follow HIPAA regulations. One often misconception is just because you are not working with patients directly means you don't have to be HIPAA compliant, in fact any organization that has access to Patient information has to follow HIPAA compliance and is subject to audits from the HHS. Our Compliance Coaches are known in the industry for their full support and ongoing implementation of your HIPAA compliance. From day one we guide you through not only how to use the software, but work with you to complete the full regulation from start to finish, every step of the way.

Managed Security

A big part of HIPAA compliance is the security measures and tools that you deploy to protect Private Health Information. As part of your HIPAA compliance we will conduct your HIPAA Audit to assess the tools you already have in place and make recommendations to fill any gaps that would prevent you from reaching compliance. From your network security to your workstations and mobile access we can help guide you through the entire process to determine what tools are necessary and which ones are not. Security Solutions:
  • Managed Firewall
  • Advanced Anti-Virus
  • Data Encryption

Custom Coaching

Our staff along with our partners will coach you every step of the way, navigating the complexities of HIPAA compliance in a simple and formulaic method. Everything from your legal documentation, employee training, Business Associate Agreements, and more will be stored in your custom compliance portal. This allows you and your coach to stay up to date with all requirements. We will also work with you annually to complete your required compliance audits and guide you through the yearly regulation and requirement changes. Your Coaching:
  • Custom One to One Coaching
  • All Compliance Documentation
  • Yearly Compliance Audits

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HIPAA TrainingAll HIPAA training, Required Assessments, Policies and Procedures, Business Associate Agreements and more!

HIPAA Seal of Compliance verificationOur HIPAA Seal of Compliance verification allows you to show your visitors you care about compliance.

Confidence in Your HIPAA ComplianceWe give you confidence in your compliance with the fact that none of our clients have ever failed an OCR/CMS audit.

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