Managed Security

Worry-free and hassle-free IT SECURITY

Your traditional IT guy makes money when an IT intrusion happens, so you can’t possibly trust them to end your IT issues for good. Nevertheless, there is a way to keep cyber threats at bay and say goodbye to expensive bills and technology issues once and for all.

Take a step further with your security measures and trust in Creative IT’s Managed Security service. Let us be your first line of defense against all malware, hackers, and phishing attacks with a proactive approach to security.

Our Managed Security service includes:

  • Spam Protection – protect your company and employees from annoying and possibly harmful emails
  • Patch Updates – keep your computers secure and up to date with updates managed and tested by our engineers
  • Threat Testing & Employee Training – employees are often the target of attack for most cybercriminals, protect your business with our threat testing and employee training.
  • Dark Web Monitoring – the dark web is a part of the internet that is not searchable and is where all users stay anonymous. If your company is breached cybercriminals will go to the dark web to sell your company's data. We scan the dark web so if your company data appears your are alerted as soon as possible.
  • Advanced Anti-Virus – protect your business with enterprise level anti-virus that protects not only from viruses but new ransomware threats and is monitored 24/7
  • Network security – prevent intrusion into your network with an enterprise firewall
  • Web filtering - block websites that pose security threats and decrease productivity
  • Encryption – prevent unwanted access to your network with military grade encryption
  • Off-Site backup – protect your company and its data with secure off-site backup
  • 24/7 Monitoring – all of your systems monitored 24/7
  • Disaster Recovery planning “make this a link to the Disaster Recovery Planning” – if disaster strikes your company will be ready with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan designed for you and your business.

Move your business forward while we protect all your hard work.