Is your data stored in Microsoft SharePoint or One Drive?

How about Google Drive or Google Shared Drives?

You may think these cloud provider's backup your data.

They Don't

Having your company data stored in the cloud is a great way to store and access your data, but if you are relying on your cloud provider to backup your data, STOP, they don't.

While cloud providers like Microsoft and Google will store your data in multiple servers to prevent outages they do not backup your data. This means if a user deletes a file or bunch of files you can only get them back if they are still in the trash. If the user empties the trash or you miss your window those files are gone forever. If Microsoft or Google were to have an outage or server crash, the data liability falls on you as well. Protecting your data from accidental deletion or malicious employees (like this woman who deleted a firm's dropbox data: is one of the most important things you can do. So how can you protect your company data that is stored in the cloud? Setting up a local backup of your files stored in the cloud is the first step. You want a backup system that automatically backs up all of your cloud data. You also want a backup that you can restore older files at any time in the event of data loss.

Don't Rely On Your Cloud Provider To Protect Your Data

We promise after performing a cloud data assessment you will have a better understanding of the security of your data and options to prevent data loss.

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