About Us

Creative IT was founded specifically to help companies who utilize both Apple and Microsoft Technologies. Founded by Robert Phelps who started Triad Mac in 2012. Robert was a former Apple Employee who found a great need to help companies in the Triad get Apple support. After 5 years of providing expert Apple support the team found many companies who were using both Microsoft and Apple technologies and were having issues getting expert support for both technologies.

After months of development and investment into Microsoft technologies and the addition of the Microsoft Team, Creative IT was formed. Creative IT is uniquely set to now not only offer Apple or Microsoft support but both from Teams of experts.

Why Teams?

Technology is always evolving. Attempting to be a jack of all trades is impossible. We decided early on to hire experts in their respective fields to provide our clients with the most comprehensive support imaginable. This mindset has been true with Triad Mac and will continue to be true with our teams at Creative IT.

The Creative IT Advantage

Our teams work closely together to ensure both Apple and Microsoft technologies play nice with one another. Having dedicated support teams for both Apple and Microsoft provides your company this unique advantage.

Robert Phelps

Robert worked for Apple for 5 years as a technician and trainer. After discovering many companies were having issues getting support for their Apple environments he decided to leave Apple to create the Triad’s leading IT support provider. First with Triad Mac, then forming Creative IT to provide true support for companies using both Apple and Microsoft technologies.

Apple Team

Josh Spencer
Systems Engineer

Marc Helke

Microsoft Team

Wes Edens
Systems Engineer

David Pataky

Technology Success Team

Tommy Tham
Business Solutions Developer