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Our specialists utilize enterprise tools to fight off hackers and are certified in compliance management, data security, backup, and encryption with our 24/7/265 SOC

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Hackers constantly develop new ways to infiltrate networks. We provide groundbreaking solutions that prevent hackers from finding a way in

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We conduct audits and assessments to find potential flaws in your network system and recommend strategies to secure them

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Rest easy knowing that your network and files are always protected from all forms of cyberthreats. This means you'll be able to focus more on revenue-generating projects.
Business owners have now become more aware of the dangers of cybercriminals, which is why they tend to invest a lot on their cybersecurity programs. Though this might seem like a wise move, they often neglect to get expert advice first. This is why most end up losing thousands in sales and computer repair fees, and experience a major drop in employee productivity. To address this, our specialists here at Creative IT developed this free eBook: What Every Business Owner Must Know About Protecting And Preserving Their Company’s Critical Data and Computer Systems. We explained, in a non-technical way, how to completely avoid these oversights and financial expenses, so you can finally make the most of advanced cybersecurity technology.

Our guide will reveal:

  • The six crucial security protocols your business must implement
  • The most costly mistake most small business owners make when protecting their files
  • The most common misconception about computer networks and how it can cost businesses between $9,000 to $60,000 in damages
  • Ways to substantially lower or entirely eliminate technology bottlenecks, including frustrating computer issues and slow network performance
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