Business Continuity

Keep your business running even when disaster strikes. We can help you prevent down time in your business.

Network Continuity

Prevent Internet Outages so that your business can continue operating in the event of internet related down time.
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Cloud Data Backup

If you store your company data in the Cloud, your cloud provider does not back it up. We provide cloud backup for Microsoft 365 and G-Suite.
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Data Backup

When disaster strikes the last thing you want is to lose data. Prevent data loss wether you have on-site servers or utilized cloud services.
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Operations First Mindset

Creative IT takes an Operations First Mindset. This means we tackle every goal by looking at how can we optimize business operations first, then tackling the technical logistics.


Everything we do comes back to one word "uptime" this means we work with you to determine what systems are critical to the operations of your business and build your process around that.

Data & Backup

We believe in the 3-2-1 of backup. 3 copies of your data, 2 local and 1 off-site. This means we work With You to determine the safest way to backup and restore your data based off of the level of importance to your business.

100% Transparency

You should be in control of how your business operates, especially in the most critical times. This is why we are 100% transparent with everything we do.

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Our Disaster Recovery Checklist is the best place to start to determine what you would need to do in the event of a Disaster. Not sure where to start, does planning for the worst case seem overwhelming? This checklist gives you everything to get started. With our guide, you’ll find out:
  • Determine the first steps you need to take.
  • Plan your recovery.
  • Determine what communication is needed.
  • Restore and Debrief to determine what can be improved.
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About us

Creative IT is a team of Microsoft and Apple experts with over 20 years of combined experience supporting mixed technologies. We are focused on helping companies that use mixed platforms, making sure all of their technologies work together seamlessly. Our Microsoft team knows PC hardware and networks, and our Apple team has deployed Apple devices into companies large and small. Our expertise in both platforms gives your company the most comprehensive support possible. Read More