4 Ways To Protect Your Business From Phishing Attacks

There has been a massive uptick in phishing attacks. 91% of breaches come from employees and phishing attacks. Here are the 4 ways to protect your business.


    1. Employee Training: since the majority of attacks start with your employees, you must make sure to educate and continue training them on how to spot and prevent against phishing attacks. Your employees hold the keys to the kingdom when it comes to access to your business.
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    1. Ongoing Security Testing: if your employees are not constantly being tested they start to forget. Setup a good ongoing testing environment for your employees. We find that the average company is around 30% vulnerable to employees clicking on phishing emails. With testing that number drops to 10% after 6 months and 1% after 1 year of testing.


    1. Good Advanced Anti-Virus: if an employee does open a phishing email you want to make sure you are protected from it's contents. Make sure you have an Advanced Anti-Virus, one that can protect from new and unknown threats through AI, as well as from file-less threats. Did you know 96% of new malware changes every time it is installed, this means most anti-virus can only protect against 4% of malware/viruses/ransomeware.


  1. Monitor For Password Leaks: make sure if a password does leak you are alerted right away so you can change it. Monitoring the Dark Web can be a great way to do this. When criminals steal credentials they sell them on an area of the web called the Dark Web. Monitoring the Dark Web makes sure you know as quickly as possible about these leaks.

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