Are Your Employees Bypassing Your Security?

Are Your Employees Bypassing Your Security?

When I talk with businesses about cybersecurity, sometimes they see it as an annoyance and not worth the added protection. The truth is it very may well be an annoyance, but the benefits well outweigh the 2-3 seconds of inconvenience. I bet you have an alarm system at your home or office, does putting in your alarm code to disarm the alarm, or arming it when you leave an annoyance? Even if you don't have an alarm is locking and unlocking your door an annoyance?

Like every other added piece of security, it is something you get used to and becomes a part of your life.

The recent boom in ransomware attacks has been lead by un-authorized access to accounts that are used to distribute the attacks. The majority of un-authorized attacks can be prevented by using 2-factor authentication.

2-factor authentication is something every business should deploy and enforce for all employees access to business date. A new tool however allows employees to bypass 2-factor authentication...

Employees may find 2-factor to be annoying like the alarm system in their home, but this new tool called DontDuo allows them to bypass this annoyance but adds a huge security risk to your company...

This is why employee education is so important, explaining why you use 2-factor authentication, and turning on features to make it the least annoying as possible is the best way to tackle this new bypass. Well written and signed Acceptable Use Policies that outline the security procedures employees are required to take are great policies to abide by as well.

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