Windows Bug Corrupts Your Computer

Windows Bug Corrupts Your Computer

A new Windows vulnerability was recently discovered that can corrupt your disk drive simply by navigating to a location on your C Drive.

If a user navigates to a location in Windows Explorer it will cause the message "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." to display and potential data loss while trying to recover the Windows Operating System. While most users would never navigate to specific locations on their disk drive, attackers have found that hiding the location in a windows shortcut file (.url), HTML file, or zip file and tricking the user into clicking on it can cause this corruption to occur.

Even worse if an attacker creates an image or icon that points to this location it can corrupt a system simply by that image or icon being in a folder the user opens such as the desktop/documents or email attachment.

While no Anti-Virus can protect against this bug, Windows is aware and currently working on a patch for all Windows 10 computers.

You can read more about the bug here: