Fair Processing Notice

This Fair Processing Notice is to inform you that Triad Mac LLC DBA Creative IT is collecting your personal data through it’s web forms, and through website marketing platforms such as Google Analytics.

What data are we collecting: We are collecting your IP address, as well as any information that you provide in our web forms on our website.

Why are we collecting this information: to provide you any and all information you request from us, such as communication requests, white papers, downloads, information about our company, or requests for newsletters or other periodicals or advertisements. We collect IP addresses for advertising purposes to better gear our website towards clients and prospects.

How is the data collected: We collect the data through information you fill out on our website, or through third party services such as Google Analytics or Pronto Marketing. These services collect IP addresses for the purposes of better website optimization.

How will my data be used: We will use your data to communicate with you when you fill out a form. This communication may be by phone, email, or snail mail. We may also use collected data from your computer such as your IP address to help optimize our website.

Who will it be shared with: nobody, we do not share information with any third party.