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If you are about to go through merger or acquisition an office move, or currently merging your company with another? this is the merger Technology checklist you MUST have.

This checklist will outline the simple steps you should take when merging companies. We have helped companies navigate through the overwhelming technology changes that come when merging companies and there are often items that are overlooked, causing headaches down the road. Lets face it you have so much on your plate already, having a list of items you need to tackle can make all of the difference and make sure you don't miss something.



  • Gather a list of all technology both companies currently have (include desktops, laptops, monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, accessories, switches, patch panels, servers, raids, NAS and any other technology hardware)
  • Make a list of all software and cloud services both companies use (CRM, word processing, specialty software, marketing tools and any other software/services both companies use)
  • Make a list of all communication technologies both companies use (email, phone systems, company provided cell phones)
  • Make a list of all servers and file sharing services (domain, network access, on-premise specialty software, physical servers, file sharing, cloud file sharing)
  • Determine which office or if there is a new office the company will be working from.
  • Determine if you would like to stay with your current ISP (Internet Service Provider) or would like to switch. Look into the length and service pricing from both companies to make sure you are not in a contract.


  • Determine who is going to use what hardware and if there is new hardware you would like to purchase while you are making the capital expense in the merger. Is there equipment that is old that can be replaced with certain equipment from one company or the other.
  • If you are moving offices, or changing ISP contact your ISP of choice and determine if they can service your new office. Often ISP’s will require what is called a site survey, this is where they will send someone to the new office to determine if internet access already exists. This may even include lines having to be run for new services such as fiber. NOTE sometimes ISPs require 1-3 months lead time.
  • Pick which piece of software the new company is going to use, is there a benefit to each software. Make a game plan for training the other company’s employees on the decided software and look into contracts to help make this determination.
  • Determine what communication technologies you are going to used, are you going to merge emails, should old email addresses point to the new ones. How are contacts and calendars to be shared, what software will be used to do this. For phone system what phone system is going to be used, how will you announce the new company, will you forward old phone numbers.
  • How will servers and or file sharing be handled. Determine what will happen with old files, will you merge them or start fresh. Determine network configuration and domain configuration to determine if you will merge them or keep both separate.
  • How will printers be shared, will you use one company’s printers or a combination of both. If you are leasing printers what are the terms.
  • Determine if your current network infrastructure can handle the merger/users.

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Office Move Technology Checklist

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They Allow Me To Focus On My Business, Not My IT

They Allow Me To Focus On My Business, Not My IT

Having the need to manage several big projects at once, I have great confidence in Creative IT’s ability to help me think through all of the ins and outs of a move/migration and then manage the process seamlessly. It allows me to focus on other areas that need my attention.

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