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Easy PCI Compliance

If you take credit card payments your company is required to become PCI compliant. Which this may seem like a big undertaking there are simple steps you can take to reach compliance with ease. At Creative IT we can guide you through the process to becoming PCI compliant and provide you with annual audits to make sure you continue to meet your compliance requirements. Our process begins with an assessment to determine what compliance you already meet and where you may need assistance. Then we provide a custom tailored solution to become compliant and stay that way through your yearly audits.

Managed Security

A big part of PCI compliance is the security measures and tools that you deploy to protect your customer's data. As part of your PCI compliance we will assess the tools you already have in place and make recommendations to fill any gaps that would prevent you from reaching compliance. From your website security to your network security we can help guide you through the entire process to determine what tools are necessary and which ones are not. Security Solutions:
  • Managed Firewall
  • Advanced Anti-Virus
  • Data Encryption

Yearly Audits

Part of staying PCI compliant is a yearly audit to verify you are abiding by the latest requirements and standards. We help out clients by conducting the yearly audit for them and consulting on the latest rules and changes for PCI compliance. Every company's needs are different, some have a very simple audit while others require a more in depth audit to reach compliance. Yearly Auditing:
  • Internal Vulnerability
  • Externa Vulnerability
  • Penetration Testing

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