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As a home or small business owner your business depends on your technology. When you have an issue, it can bring your business to a halt. But you don't have the budget to afford a full time IT department. This is why Creative IT and Triad Mac joined together to offer full IT Support to Home & Small Businesses like YOURS.

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On Call IT Support When YOU Need It

Why? Because as a small business owner, you should not be wasting your time troubleshooting IT issues, you should be able to get your job done when you need it. As a home or small business work never ends, this why our team is available to you 24/7/365. That is right if you have a problem at 10pm on a Saturday we will be here to help. IT companies love to charge thousands of dollars per month for on-call IT support. Our Home & Small Business IT is different, it allows you to control your IT expenses while still having an IT team on call. That is right a TEAM not just one person

As A Business Owner, It’s YOUR Responsibility To Grow Your Business, Not Be Bothered By IT Problems.

24/7 Hardware Monitoring

You will no longer have to worry about sudden down time due to unforeseen hardware issues. We monitor your hardware 24/7 so we can alert you of hardware issues before they happen. As a small business owner you don't have computers just laying around ready to use, this is why it is important to not be surprised by sudden hardware issues. Our 24/7 hardware monitoring allows you to be on top of your technology investment

Advanced Enterprise Security

Cybersecurity is an ever growing threat to your business. Stop cybercriminals in their tracks with enterprise level Advanced Anti- Virus. Ransomware, Malware, Viruses, keyloggers, zero-day threats these are all ways that cybercriminals try to impact your business and steal your money and data. 60% of businesses CLOSE THEIR DOORS after a cyber attack. This is why we take it seriously and have invested in enterprise level security that protects from all of these threats. We provide this at a cost affordable to small businesses with 24/7 monitoring and threat remediation!

The best IT support for small business.

If you are running a business today, you know how much of a role technology plays in the success of your business. The fact is you can’t afford to be not have an IT resource. We built our Home & Small Business IT Support plan to be the most affordable, entry level IT experience for home and small businesses. Get the same support as having an internal IT department for 1/100th of the cost. Business is built on Product, Infrastructure, Finance, and Technology. You have people you rely on for your product, infrastructure and finance. Now it is time to get a team you can rely on for your technology.

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The Benefits Are Huge!

  • Month to Month — no long term commitments.
  • Unlimited 24/7/365 Remote Support — no more waiting to get support
  • IT Team — a team of IT experts on call
  • Apple & Microsoft Support — expert teams for both
  • 24/7 Monitoring — don't be surprised by hardware issues
  • Advanced Anti-Virus — enterprise level security for a fraction of the cost

Starts at Just $100 Per Month

Ready To Say Goodbye to IT Issues Forever?

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Warning: you will be sorry you did not hire them!!

Warning: you will be sorry you did not hire them!!
Our company cannot live without Creative IT, we have come to rely on them for everything. I am happy to write their checks!!! We have never waited more than 3 minutes to get a response from Creative IT to an issue we are having, and they are out here pronto! Since we have become so reliant on this great ...Read More

Barbara Hutcherson
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We Couldn't Be Happier With Creative IT - Best Money We Spend!

We Couldn’t Be Happier With Creative IT – Best Money We Spend!

Creative IT is the third IT Mac Support company we have tried. The first 2 were perceived as being a bit less expensive in the front end, but both turned out to be significantly more in wasted productivity time when systems were down or when we had to wait to receive service. Most of the time our ...Read More

Marta Mitchell
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We Can Better Focus On Our Jobs Knowing We Have Creative IT

We Can Better Focus On Our Jobs Knowing We Have Creative IT
For many years, we handled most of our IT internally. My partner and I could and enjoyed doing it, and we had an outside IT resource who we trusted to help us with our servers, network and issues we could not cure. This worked well enough but over time we found that the IT person who we were depending ...Read More

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